MacTechnics Meeting

July, 2014

no meeting in July
Enjoy Ann Arbor Art Fair
and DetCon1
North American Science Fiction Convention


You bring in your questions; troubleshooting your
apps and hardware; how did I do that? 

 Share in the fun... 

  Visit MacTechnics on Saturday, August 16th

We'd love to see you there!


Another useful tip from our MacCoach...

iPhone, iPad users – check out GoMagnify Pro
... Nicholas

Coming Attractions

~~Printers ~~Dave Ginbey~~iPad tips n' tricks (wow!)
~~Apple and iTunes~~iMovie~~Blogging~~
~~Pages~~Keynote~~Numbers~~Yosemite~~iOS 8~~
~~iPhone and iPad Digital Photography~~

~~THANK YOU for helping to plan this year's presentation topics~~

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June 21st Meeting - here's what happened @ the last meeting
Washtenaw Community College
8:45 AM
Set up
9:00 AM 
Registration Open, Hospitality
Socializing, Networking

Mac Basics PLUS S.I.G. with Fred Seitz (Special Interest Group) - Topic: Numbers
(click here for the Agenda)
The S.I.G. will start at 9:00 promptly.
Click here for Agenda (pdf)
BE Room 182, Business Education Bldg.
(spepecial Interest Group (S.I.G.
Room 140, Business Education Building
10:30 AM Hospitality
Socializing, Networking

BE Room 182, Business Education Bldg.

10:45 AM


11:00 AM


Main Meeting Presentation


Share how you use your iPad; talk about new things to do with it. Let's talk about your favorite apps, and other fun!

Surprise!!! Live Streaming of the meeting!

June Raffle Prize winners:
Apple rainbow logo - Jim P.
iTunes card - Dean M.
iPad Video Lessons - fast and easy way to learn your iPad - Dave S.

BE Room 182, Business Education Bldg.

Our Congeniality Committee for June 21st: 
Fred S., Cassie S., Carolyn S., Bill D., Gerry F., Nicholas d.,
Kathy G., Terry L., Dave S.,

Thank you to our Hospitality Hosts at our last 5 month's meetings:
Cheryl H. (new member, YEA!), Fred S., Joyce R., Bill D.,
Cassie S., Nicholas d., Gerry F.,
Joyce R., Jan O., Bill D., Richard S., Cassie S., Steve J.,
Nicholas d., Ann B., Gerry F.
; Denny M., Bob M., Carolyn S., Joyce R., Cassie S., Jan O., Richard S., Bill D., Kathryn G., Nicholas d., Gerry F.
, Gerry F., Keith M., Cassie S., Ann B., Bill D.

Thank you to our Hospitality Hosts the during 2013:
Ann B., Cassie S., Dick S., Gerry F., Keith M., Denny M., Sammye G., Joyce K., Cassie S., Kathy G., Bob M., Ann B., Linda B., Cassie S., Gerry F., Fred S., Sam B., Carolyn S., Keith M., Justin W., Frank W., Jim P., Richard S.,Fred S., Carolyn S., Keith M., Cassie S., Kathy G., Gerry F., Cassie S., Linda B., Nicholas d., Kathy G., Denny M., Richard S.

Thank You to ALL our Hospitality Hosts during 2012 meetings:
Richard S., Nicholas d., Cassie S., Kathy G., Keith M.,

Keith M., Kathy G., Gerry F., Cassie S., Keith M., Linda B., Bill M., Carolyn S., Linda B., Cassie S., Sammye G., Joyce K., Byron A., Gerry F., Rob U., Keith M., Bill M., Cassie S., Keith M.

no meeting in July
Enjoy Ann Arbor Art Fair
and DetCon1
North American Science Fiction Convention 

August 16th, 2014
Business Education Bldg, Room 140

Presentation to be Announced

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August 16th Location:
WCC Business Education Building

Washtenaw Community College

Business Education Building
Room BE 140 
Parking Lot #4
4800 Huron River Drive
Ann Arbor, MI  48108



Washtenaw Community College - Business Education Building

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Board of Directors
President (May)-Gerry F.
President (June)-Keith M.
President (July)-Dave S.
President (August)-Cassie S.
President (September)-Fred S.
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VP Volunteers (vacant)
Recording Secretary - Keith M.
Treasurer - Francis B.
Membership Secretary - Steve J.
eNewsletter and Videographer - Linda B.
Webmaster - Cassie S.
Director-at-Large - Dave S.
Director-at-Large - Bill D.
Past President - Gerry F., JoAnn W.


What is iPhoneography?  The term comes from iPhone and Photography.  It came about as the cameras in mobile phones gained the ability to take better quality photos.

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