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Zoom 5.5.5

by | Mar 8, 2021 | 0 comments

a couple of Zoom illustrationsZoom has updated its eponymous video conferencing app to version 5.5.4, letting you use a custom gallery view order (drag thumbnails into your preferred arrangement) even when non-video participants are hidden. When a non-video participant turns on their video, their video will be added to the bottom-right corner of the last page of gallery view. The update also more clearly displays what content you’re sharing and when participants can see the content (this feature requires at least 80% of participants to be using version 5.5.4), resolves an issue regarding slides as virtual background not recording properly, and fixes a bug with chat screenshots disappearing before sending. Shortly after this release, Zoom was updated to version 5.5.5 to resolve sharing issues on UDP wired connections when running macOS 11.1 Big Sur or later. (Free, 23.3 MB, release notes, macOS 10.9+)

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