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Monthly Main Meetings

Our main meetings are on the 3rd Saturday of every month. There’s usually a S.I.G. (Special Interest Group). After a brief break, the Main Meeting starts with presentations on a variety of topics.

Learning Sessions

Learning Sessions are on Sunday afternoons near the end of each month. Focusing on apps that come with our devices.

All Meetings and events take place on Zoom.

Learn Zoom

A cozy step-by-step guide to joining a Zoom meeting

MacBasics PLUS - S.I.G.

Fred Seitz, MacTechnics VP of Education, will present his “findings of the month” and facilitate this interactive, informative and educational session. As usual, the discussion will evolve in part from questions and comments from the group – problems are often resolved on the spot. Mac questions of all kinds are welcome. A link to an informative handout is provided at most sessions.



What People Are Saying

“MacTechnics keeps me up to date!”

“It’s also my best source for answers to my problems with my Apple Computer, Watch & iPhone.”


“How to increace cursor size! Very Helpful. How to find synomyms. Wow! So many tips and information about what the Mac can do, short-cuts, too.”


“Fabulous opportunity”

“I like the opportunity to share information. I like to learn & teach.


“I love re-connecting with fellow Mac users and saying ‘Hello.’ Plus, I always pick up at least one or two new bits of ‘How-To’ information.”


“People, friendly faces”

“Always new stuff to learn. New software to learn and talk about.”

Alli B.

“Want more info / practice on converting analog to digital. Happy with the start today from Fred.”



“I like socializing with like-minded people. I like the way things ‘come together’ spontaneously, extemporaneously.”


“Thank you for sharing the links to Gerry’s article.


Let's Work, Learn Together!

Let us know what's on your mind, what help you need, or what you'd like to share.

Building Updates and COVID-19

We are continuing to monitor COVID-19 updates from the state and the county.
The building has re-opened. We are still requiring masks in common spaces (hallways, bathrooms, kitchen & in the NEW suite) at the NEW Center. We thank you all for your collaboration to ensure we maintain a safe and healthy environment.
COVID numbers are on the rise (Washtenaw County).
Mask up out there and stay safe!

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