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Could you tell me what our annual cost would be to move to Shared Unlimited when our current plan expires?

Thank you for getting back to us so quickly, we’re always happy to help.

To answer your question, the regular rates for our Shared Unlimited plan
are as follows:
– 3 Years = $10.99/month or a total of $395.64
– 1 Year = $12.99/month or a total of $155.88
– Monthly = $13.99/month

Please be advised that all prices are upfront.

As of right now your current Shared Starter plan is set to renew on
2023-07-23. If you want to upgrade from your Shared Starter to the Shared
Unlimited please follow the steps on the following article:

Also, please note that if you were to upgrade say today, you would get a
partial credit for the time not used on your current plan, and this
credit will go towards your new plan.

Once again, if you have anymore questions we can assist you with, do not
hesitate to write back, we’re here for whatever you need.

Have a fantastic day!

Sales Development Representative

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