Insanely Useful and Interesting Websites (from MacTechnics 7/15/2023)

11:05:58 From Nicholas D:
Find the specs of your Mac:

11:10:18 From Chris A:

11:12:17 From Nicholas D:
Interesting article about Podcasts:

11:12:18 From Nicholas D:
Pick System Software/Mac OS from the 1980s or 1990s and run it:

11:18:08 From Geronimo F:
Mac Investor link:

11:20:50 From Fred S:

11:47:29 From Keith M:
Flickr: This is a great site to share and view photographs.  You can use the search function to view pictures of a specific area or subject, photos taken with a specific camera or lens that you might be interested in buying, or images created using a new to you technique.

11:48:32 From Keith M:
Astronomy Picture of the Day: Amazing pictures relating to astronomy.  Take the time to read the discussions.  There are often very interesting comments by some very smart people.

11:49:11 From Keith M:

11:49:18 From Chris A:

11:56:00 From Nicholas D:

12:01:18 From Chris A:

12:02:07 From Fred S:

12:02:24 From Nicholas D:
No explanation needed : Ann Arbor guide to Recycling:

12:18:54 From Nicholas D:
DIY Air cleaner – I’ve made several – best to use 2” filters….

12:20:32 From Keith M:
NOAA HRR Smoke: This is an experimental site set up by NOAA where you can view interactive maps to track wildfire smoke.  I find it especially useful to track surface smoke that may impact our air quality.

12:21:03 From Cassie M:
If you’re gearing up for Art Fair, here are the best ways to get downtown without having to hunt for a parking spot:

But if you must drive, here’s what you need to know about parking during Art Fair:

12:23:59 From Chris A:
Duolingo – Learn a new Language:

12:31:04 From Fred S:
Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter:

12:31:31 From Geronimo F:

12:33:07 From Geronimo F:
12:34:30 From Geronimo F:
12:36:36 From Geronimo F:
12:38:34 From Geronimo F:
12:40:59 From Geronimo F:
12:43:55 From Geronimo F:

12:49:44 From Chris A:
Broadcastify-Largest source of Public service live audio streams

12:58:07 From Chris A:
iFixit-Get Guides & Tools to fix your tech.

12:58:16 From Fred S:

13:02:55 From Fred S:

13:02:59 From Keith M:
King Arthur Baking: In addition to a great source for clear, relatively easy to use recipes, they offer many learning opportunities such as guides, videos, blogs and bakers notes. They also have a variety of flour available at our local market.


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