Cover of Zoom Essentials eBook

Get started with Zoom basics

The update of this new book was released in mid-December. In this Version 1.1 includes coverage of a number of changes that have occurred in Zoom over the past several months. 

This book in the Take Control series is called Take Control of Zoom Essentials. It’s a FREE book. It isn’t as comprehensive as his other Zoom book, but is a good starting point for many. It is available in a few formats such as PDF or as an ePub or as a Mobi. You can view on your computer or iPad or Kindle.

Zoom became the online tool that everyone suddenly needed to master for school, work, and social life. This free Take Control book is here to help. Take Control of Zoom Essentials gets you quickly up to speed, including installing a Zoom app or using Zoom in a browser if you haven’t yet done so. It takes you through setup of your hardware, physical space, and Zoom apps, and teaches you to be an effective participant in meetings, including sharing your screen. This short, free book will make you an intermediate Zoom user in hours, without frustration.

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